Monday, November 21, 2011

Nail It!!

 So I have been obsessed with painting my nails since I was a teenager. Even now I seem to paint them at least once a week, but usually twice. Painting your nails these days, isn't about one color. It's flat out Fancy!! You have to have glitter, and two toned, and full on murals on your fingers, It's wild! When I first tried this I was unsure how to to accomplish some of the designs (still am unsure on some of them), but if you use tape and craft scissors you can make some pretty Fancy nails (there are a few other tricks too). 
    It's funny how a little paint on your nail's can make you feel more feminine and sometimes more feisty. Give some new colors or designs and try. Go on get Fancy with your nails!!!  Below are some pictures my favorite designs and some amazing designs I could never do on my own!!
Oh and PS. Please NO acrylic nails!!!




Monday, November 14, 2011

Pan Am Perfection!

 So It's Sunday night as I write this, and my favorite show is on Pan Am. I can easily say I am obsessed with the look of the entire show especially the fashions! Sometimes I long to be back in the era of dressing fancy daily. The era of full dresses, pencil skirts, cigarette pants, heels, silk scarves, and pill box hats. An era when women sat on the couch or cooked in a dress, a time when going to a "picture"(movie), or flying meant you put on pearls. Just the thought of it makes me sighhhhh. It's so glamorous and sophisticated. Granted I love that today we can let our hair down and laugh out loud like crazy, ladies back then just seemed so proper, poised, and perfect. That just appeals to me so much!!
Here are a few pictures Inspired by Pan Am and the 1960's. (some of them are Pan Am)
 ~Cheers~ to a great week!!



Friday, November 11, 2011

Fancy Friday

   It's "fancy Friday" So I thought I would post some utterly fancy photos for you to enjoy.
I hope you have a fabulous and fashionable weekend.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Something other than jeans!

  HI. I hope you all had a fashionable and fabulous weekend.
 It's Sunday night and I am sitting here thinking about what to write and I have a hundred things running around in my head. In the end I have decided pants is a good starting topic. Not jeans, pants!!
 We have to start some where and since the weather is getting cooler and we are finally getting to put away our shorts. (I am so happy about that) I thought I would share what to look for this Fall/Winter season, when buying new pants, and a few tips on how to put together a great outfit based on the pants style.
Super HOT this season are corduroys. They are an awesome alternative to your regular jeans and you can wear them the exact same way. For those of you who are afraid to try something new this is perfect for you!! Corduroys are available in pretty much every style and color. Yes color! Adding color in the form of pants is a great way to instantly up your fashion forwardness and your confidence. I happen to love red, pink, yellow, or purple pants, but if your not ready for something so bright you can try colors like navy,grey, dark green, or plum. Like I said they come in all colors and shapes. Skinny happen to be my personal fav, but you can get wide leg, trouser, relaxed fit, cargo, and boot cut and they are all perfect choices!
 Now If you are a little, OK a lot more adventuress, there are some really fun options out right now! Pallazo pants. They have loose wide legs and are very comfortable, but are definitely sophisticated and classic. With those you want to wear a blouse tucked in, or a more form fitting tee. Printed pants, are everywhere and so cool. You can find them in prints from polka dots, to plaid,and floral. Just go for a more subtle top half when sporting a print on the bottom. Lastly a super chic and edgy option is leather. Leather leggings and pants are so hot this season, I happen to love them. I know they don't seem that "wearable" and they aren't for every body. They are reserved for only the most fashion forward. But you will definitely turn heads in leather!
 Where are you at?? Do you want some corduroys that don't stray to far from your usual jeans but still make an impact. Or are you ready to take an even more fashion forward choice that makes you stand out? Either way there is an option for everybody that is new, fun, and beautiful!
 I hope you have fun trying on some new pants and styles you wouldn't normally. Take the risk!! Fashion is all about taking risk, and you might just like it!!
 One more thing a little Challenge for the week. Try NOT wearing sweat pants for the whole week any time you leave your house!! I mean not to the mail box, grocery store, not anywhere but the confines your own home!! Good Luck!!
Here are some Photo's of a variety of Corduroys, Palazzo Pants,Prints, and some other fancy and fabulous options that I just love!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Just Be Inspired

Hi!! I'm Emily. Some people might say that I am obsessed with fashion, or addicted to clothes. I however call it a passion! It's not just clothes I love, it's the idea of beauty, and all it has to offer. It's a complete look from head to toe, inside and out. There is so much more that goes into "fashion" than simply just buying new clothes. It's a feeling!! The way you hold your shoulders,  the way you hold your head and hands,  the way you see everything around you ......... Do I sound crazy yet? What can I say, fashion inspires me!!
Ever since I can remember I have loved beautiful things and trying to make myself look beautiful. Maybe it was the way I was raised (with a mom who decorated to a T, shopped constantly, and put make-up on daily.), or maybe it was the path I chose at just 5 years old ( that path was a Figure Skater, need I say more), maybe it is just in me. If I had to choose I would say all 3 things probably played a part.

I have been inspired to write a Fashion blog for sometime, but I just wasn't sure what it was really going to be about. One day I was driving alone ( for me, a stay at home mom, that means peace and time with my thoughts!) So it hit me the blog I was going to write would be to inspire stay at home mom's to kick there style up a notch. There isn't much I hate more then sloppy moms and kids out and about. But then the more I thought about it, this blog is perfect for anybody who needs a little help taking there style to the next level. I'm not saying we need to walk around in gowns and heels (however that would be fancy and fun) but I am saying people need to ditch sweatpants and tennis shoes for something a little bit more fancy. You would be surprised what it does for other aspects of your life!

In this blog I am going to give you tips and challenges weekly to help you try new things and help you maintain a more beautiful lifestyle and a more fabulous you. We will start with small with things like, Take off your tennis shoes, Swear off sweatpants, etc. Maybe your already good at things like that, but you can't seem to get away from your "uniform" of jeans and tee's,(or whatever that "uniform" may be) or How do I wear this? or What goes with that? Maybe you need help with products and beauty advice, well I can help with that too. I have so many things to share!! I will show you what my son and I wear to the park, play dates, etc. As well as on dates and special events. I am going to have "Fancy Fridays". I will show you what inspires me and makes me tick. There will be guest bloggers frequently to talk things such as; photo shoots, gifts, decorating, and perfect party ideas. There will be lots and lots of gorgeous pictures to awe and inspire you. I am so excited to help you and have fun with you. I hope you enjoy my blog and check back frequently for updates!!

Here are a few Pictures of Fancy things that I love and inspire my life and style.
  -Cheers- to the start of something Fabulous and Fancy!!