Monday, November 14, 2011

Pan Am Perfection!

 So It's Sunday night as I write this, and my favorite show is on Pan Am. I can easily say I am obsessed with the look of the entire show especially the fashions! Sometimes I long to be back in the era of dressing fancy daily. The era of full dresses, pencil skirts, cigarette pants, heels, silk scarves, and pill box hats. An era when women sat on the couch or cooked in a dress, a time when going to a "picture"(movie), or flying meant you put on pearls. Just the thought of it makes me sighhhhh. It's so glamorous and sophisticated. Granted I love that today we can let our hair down and laugh out loud like crazy, ladies back then just seemed so proper, poised, and perfect. That just appeals to me so much!!
Here are a few pictures Inspired by Pan Am and the 1960's. (some of them are Pan Am)
 ~Cheers~ to a great week!!



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