Friday, November 4, 2011

Just Be Inspired

Hi!! I'm Emily. Some people might say that I am obsessed with fashion, or addicted to clothes. I however call it a passion! It's not just clothes I love, it's the idea of beauty, and all it has to offer. It's a complete look from head to toe, inside and out. There is so much more that goes into "fashion" than simply just buying new clothes. It's a feeling!! The way you hold your shoulders,  the way you hold your head and hands,  the way you see everything around you ......... Do I sound crazy yet? What can I say, fashion inspires me!!
Ever since I can remember I have loved beautiful things and trying to make myself look beautiful. Maybe it was the way I was raised (with a mom who decorated to a T, shopped constantly, and put make-up on daily.), or maybe it was the path I chose at just 5 years old ( that path was a Figure Skater, need I say more), maybe it is just in me. If I had to choose I would say all 3 things probably played a part.

I have been inspired to write a Fashion blog for sometime, but I just wasn't sure what it was really going to be about. One day I was driving alone ( for me, a stay at home mom, that means peace and time with my thoughts!) So it hit me the blog I was going to write would be to inspire stay at home mom's to kick there style up a notch. There isn't much I hate more then sloppy moms and kids out and about. But then the more I thought about it, this blog is perfect for anybody who needs a little help taking there style to the next level. I'm not saying we need to walk around in gowns and heels (however that would be fancy and fun) but I am saying people need to ditch sweatpants and tennis shoes for something a little bit more fancy. You would be surprised what it does for other aspects of your life!

In this blog I am going to give you tips and challenges weekly to help you try new things and help you maintain a more beautiful lifestyle and a more fabulous you. We will start with small with things like, Take off your tennis shoes, Swear off sweatpants, etc. Maybe your already good at things like that, but you can't seem to get away from your "uniform" of jeans and tee's,(or whatever that "uniform" may be) or How do I wear this? or What goes with that? Maybe you need help with products and beauty advice, well I can help with that too. I have so many things to share!! I will show you what my son and I wear to the park, play dates, etc. As well as on dates and special events. I am going to have "Fancy Fridays". I will show you what inspires me and makes me tick. There will be guest bloggers frequently to talk things such as; photo shoots, gifts, decorating, and perfect party ideas. There will be lots and lots of gorgeous pictures to awe and inspire you. I am so excited to help you and have fun with you. I hope you enjoy my blog and check back frequently for updates!!

Here are a few Pictures of Fancy things that I love and inspire my life and style.
  -Cheers- to the start of something Fabulous and Fancy!!







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  1. Emily! Your enthusiasm and excitement is inspiring ... I'm looking forward to reading more and oohing and awwwing over the fancy pictures! Have fun with it!! Debbie